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The Arch of Coups (FE8U)

By Darrman

Posted On: 04/27/2019 11:14:23 PM


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Long ago, there was a man who sought nothing but chaos in the world. To this end, he created the Arch of Coups. Whenever anybody stepped foot on this bridge, they would be promptly overthrown in a brutal attack. The natural order of all things would be destroyed. In order to preserve this status quo, Mario, an Italian plumber from Brooklyn, and Bowser, his rival, set out together in order to uncover who was behind this plot and foil it once and for all.

The game lasts six chapters, from Chapter 0 to Chapter 5.
This is an April Fools Day hack. This version is somewhat tested unlike the 1st of April release, but there may be issues. Check the readme for further details.



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