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Many Emblem (FE8U)

By KrisK (Posted by Pwntagonist)

Posted On: 04/02/2020 7:40:11 AM

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Words cannot describe the quality of this legendary masterpiece. Experience the glory for yourself!




Posted on: Jun-11-2020 5:54:51 PM by Fatih

It's honestly not that bad for a first hack despite its reputation.

There is a mild level of polish to the game that's visible through some of the visual and auditory changes in the game. It can be a bit messy at times, but there's quite a few quirky changes that I personally enjoyed even if they looked off.

The game also had a fair sense of balance as well. Aside from a certain boss later, enemies seemed to be on par, albeit a little weaker compared to your own units, but you still had to watch out for your units not to be thrown into the pit of death itself.

The dialogue, while controversial and offensive at times (only due to the fact that this was intended to be a hack between a circle of friends), actually ended up being rather followable and I got a few kicks out of its crude humour. Personally, I think this can't be said much about a few other hacks I've played, but the difference between Many and other hacks is while Many has absolutely zero overall coherency and just feels like an episodic "kill all the thugs", it's consistent with how it presents itself and jts situations and allowed me to follow along despite all the inside jokes and god-knows-what was even freaking going on inside. I lastly don't think I saw many errors, if at all.

Lastly, somehow - I actually had fun with the hack and was disappointed to see that there wasn't any more in store for the version I had on me, which might have seemed different given the reaction I had during a certain LP.

All in all, Kris K has some very interesting ideas that shine in this hack, giving it a bright, vibrant, and honestly SUPER unique feel to it that I haven't seen from other hacks. Even though people might call it a kusoge, I've honestly already taken inspiration from some of its execution. While it's no TLP, this work in progress is definitely more memorable than most other things on the market putting aside its strange dialogue.

Traps Are Gay/10.

Posted on: Jun-11-2020 6:12:00 PM by Xenith

whilst i can't endorse the script, Many Emblem has a unique and enjoyable tinge of reckless flair which is a rare sight among the stiff FE community
kris k, if you're out there, The House salutes you brave soldier

Posted on: Jun-12-2020 1:07:10 PM by Pwntagonist

I think a lot of people like the humor in this hack because it's offensive, but if you put that aside, what do you really have? Basically a bunch of inside jokes the vast majority of people won't get. So yeah, the humor in this hack didn't really land for me (though there are a slew of hilarious out-of-context quotables). Despite that, I still think this hack is solid. It's only four chapters so far, but the map design in each chapter is actually pretty well thought-out and each new player unit brings a new utility to the table. It should only take you about an hour to get through the whole thing, so I definitely recommend giving it a go. I honestly think it's one of those hacks that every FE hack fan should play at least once just for the experience.