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Cancer Emblem 2 (Min-Max Emblem) (FE8U)

By Klokinator (Posted by Fatih)

Posted On: 12/20/2019 3:04:19 AM


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Unlike the previous two entries, this hack has more work put into it than simply mass-changing data for all units. Every class has a very overpowered build attached to them for very niche circumstances. There are natural counters to every build, and you have to play around to find out what those counters are. Although all skillsets can be ridiculed, proper thought and decision-making is a factor in being successful in this hack. There are some other additions such as new animations, and tweaks to other units such as Phantoms, the Demon King, and Lyon.
While still considered a "meme hack", this is the recommended entry to try out due to the hack having work and testing put into it by Klok if one decided to actually try out one of these hacks.
While being renumbered into the series, there is no immediate connection between this hack and the related entries and is not required playing.



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