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怪盗(Kaitou) (FE8J)

By 7743

Posted On: 03/15/2020 11:07:43 AM


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The hack concept is to do things that can not be made on the official FE.

Please read the readme for details. (However, it is Japanese)

· The hero is a Kaitou. Kaitou is Phantom Thief. It is a bad person.
· We are a Kaitou Group, you can use the command that everyone steals.
· If you make an enemy moribund less than HP 9, you can carry it by rescue and you can strip the item. Like FE 5.
· Reprinted characters from tlp etc. I brought up data from various places. ^_^;
· Most enemies have a status booster. Let’s use it immediately after stealing.
· Boots give you a physical as well as a movement. There is an item called diet drug that lowers the physique.
· The enemy holds the exlixer. Let’s steal around.
· Frequently used in FE If you play a select few, you will be defeated in the second half.
· Weapon triangle is strengthened. In high difficulty, weapon compatibility is very important.
· There are three levels of difficulty. Normal, difficult, Lunatic. I will recommend the “Normal”.

· Translation is based on FE8U for menus etc, while dialogue is machine translation. Accuracy is not high. sorry …
· After the devil king was destroyed, the world became peaceful. Monster and free maps do not exist.
· There is no event to get money. Let’s cash stolen goods like FE 5.
· This world is taking capitalist economic system, if you give out money, you can use any weapon.
Even valuable weapons, Hammer is sold at stores, so if you have money you can repair it indefinitely. Let’s fix weapons like FE4.
· All classes go up to status 36.
· There are total 63 stages. main story the stage 33 stages, the back stage 30 stages.(The longest game ever.)
· Music and world view are the hobby of the author. Please make complaint after complete the game. :p)
· I think that there are many mistranslations, but if you tell me it will fix it.

I released it in April 2016 and repeatedly upgraded it and made an English version (machine translation) this time.
I hope you enjoy it.



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